Below are a series of documented successes and cures with cannabis extract medicine. All anecdotal results are supported in theory by scientific studies, many of which are summarized here. This page is reserved for only the most credible and proven extract experiences.

Cash Hyde

Cash Hyde was cured of a Stage IV brain tumor through a combination of chemotherapy and cannabis extract oil. However, based on the context of the situation, it is abundantly clear that the oil saved his life. Cash was on the verge of dying from the effects of the chemotherapy and the tumor itself, and immediately after he began receiving oil, his condition improved dramatically.

Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in March 2010, and decided against using chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Instead, he opted for a regiment of cannabis extract medicines. The only conventional supplement he took was a testosterone inhibitor, which at most could have helped slow the growth of the cancer, but not reduced the cancer itself. After six months of treatment, Dennis was cured.

Stan Collins

Stan Collins was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma and given only six months to live. He was also afflicted with several other conditions which cannabis extract oil completely or nearly completely reversed. The video below also includes a testimonial from Stan’s distributor, who has witnessed remarkable results with over 200 patients.