The Phoenix Tears Foundation promotes cannabis education, research and advocacy. We are not a medical marijuana provider. We support the re-legalization of cannabis for the use in medicinal treatment.

PHOENIX TEARS FOUNDATION is a coalition of neighborhood-based civic, community and spiritual leaders who share the common vision of eliminating cancer while building communities where there is availability to participate in credible ‘fact based’ scientific research, enhanced access to health and wellness services for those patients in need, and a commitment to life-long learning is the standard for all people.

Our Mission includes:

  • Ongoing discussions with community leaders and government representatives to identify and promote safe, scientifically proven methodologies and protocols for developing effective complimentary therapies to enhance quality of life as well as developing capacity for cancer fighting abilities in patients.
  • Continuing to identify new patient options for quality of life enhancement and allow reasonable access to a variety of protocol based complimentary therapies as part of an ongoing treatment regime.
  • Creation and distribution of educational materials for caregivers, patients, potential patients, and medical professionals. Interface and engage with those associations fostering accreditation as well as maintain presence within support groups, seminars, and affiliated events.
  • Tracking patient support (and possible associated study) activities with caregivers and medical professionals having an understanding that the information will remain respectful of privacy and confidentiality elements, and will be available to vested members of the scientific community
  • Assist medical professionals and scientists in developing those protocols and logistics which will insure the successful possible participation in upcoming North American ‘live’ patient research studie(s).
  • Provision of an Internet Web-site with ‘spin-out’ links which will act as a hub for medical, scientific, ‘like-minded’ support, and other resources.
  • Supporting those associations, organizations, and non-profit entities which adhere to a positive interest in keeping the integrity, professional intent and spirit.
  • Education and advocacy of participating patients is regardless of creed, color, financial ability, national origin, race.