Patients Out of Time: The leading source of evidence-based science regarding medicinal Cannabis (marijuana) and the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Who Are We?

Founded in 1995, Patients Out of Time is an all-volunteer non-profit 501c3 educational charity made up of health care professionals and patients, including the 4 remaining patients who legally receive cannabis as medicine from the federal government through a program that closed in 1992 to other U.S. patients.


Patients Out of Time is dedicated to educating health care professionals and the public about the therapeutic use of cannabis.

Cannabis Is Medicine

  • Cannabis has been used as medicine since ancient times
  • Cannabis was a popular medicine in the U.S. until the “marijuana” prohibition began in 1937 – based on lies and “reefer madness”
  • 1972 Nixon’s “Shafer Commission” concludes cannabis does NOT belong in Schedule I of the ControlledSubstances(forbidden)
  • 1988 DEA’s Administrative Law Judge concludes cannabis does NOT belong in Schedule I
  • 1999 Institute of Medicine finds medical efficacy for cannabis
  • 2001 “Missoula study” finds no problems with long term use of cannabis by the federal patients
  • From 1996 to 2010, 14 states and Washington, DC have passed laws to allow patients to use cannabis as medicine
  • 2010 Veterans Affairs considers cannabis as medicine per July Directive

The EndoCannabinoid System (ECS)

In 1988 scientists discovered receptors sites in the brain that react to cannabinoid molecules (similar to those found in the cannabis plant). In 1992, the first endogenous (made by the body) cannabinoid was discovered. Since then scientists have discovered more receptors throughout the body and new endogenous cannabinoids. This new and emerging field of science helps scientists and clinicians understand how and why the cannabis plant is safe and effective for so many indications. Conditions helped by cannabis: chronic pain, nausea or vomiting, wasting syndrome, glaucoma, seizures, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, post traumatic stress, anxiety, depressant, and many more ailments and conditions.

Cannabis Conference Series

Most health care professionals do NOT know about the ECS and it is not taught in most medical or nursingschools. Since2000,PatientsOutofTime has co-sponsored a biennial accredited conference series that brings together leading researchers and clinicians from around the world to present the evidence-based science on the efficacy of cannabis as medicine and the emerging discoveries of the ECS. Although designed for health care professionals, patients are welcome as well. Physicians, nurses and other HCPs can earn continuing education credits by either attending these cutting edge conferences or by going online ( to take the course through our link to UCSF’s online continuing education program.

Our Services and Products

  • Access to scientific articles and videos on our website
  • A growing list of organizations that support patient access to cannabis
  • Accredited conferences (on even years)
  • Online accredited courses for HCPs
  • Conference DVDs and other video products
  • Cannabis books/texts for sale online
  • A speakers’ bureau of cannabis experts
  • Expert testimony for legislative hearings
  • Expert witnesses in cannabis cases

How Can You Help?

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Help get our conference DVDs into medical and nursing schools and libraries.

Donate NOW – All funds go directly to our mission. We depend on your support to disseminate this science to everyone and to end the cruel and unfounded marijuana/cannabis prohibition. (We are a tax deductible charity)

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